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Visits to the museum in compliance with »2G-Plus Rule«


Art courses & workshops

Let us inspire you.

Creative workshop

Being creative together with like-minded people will transform your museum visit into a lasting memory – and will be a lot of fun! We offer a wide-ranging programme of public and individual workshops and creative events for adults, young people and children, nursery schools and school classes focusing on our changing exhibitions and different techniques.

The public workshops are always held in German. All families and children are warmly welcomed to our open family and children's workshops and the regular children's workshop »Creative Kids«!


Foreign-language workshops
can be booked in English and French.


Workshops for people with physical or mental disabilities
are also available in English by prior arrangement and can be individually tailored to the needs of the group.


Cost: € 50 per hour plus entrance fee per person


Meeting point

The meeting point for all guided tours is by the museum ticket desk in the entrance area.

Registration and bookings

You may register for the public workshops up to 3 working days before the event. Individual workshops may be booked up to 14 days before the desired date.



Claudia Heller | heller@arpmuseum.org |+49 2228-9425-36

Nicole Schmidt | schmidt@arpmuseum.org|+49 2228-9425-36

Workshops that may be individually booked

In addition to the public workshops you can also book all the workshop formats in English and French as individual workshops for your group.

© and photo: Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck

Workshop conditions

  • Groups up to max. 25 persons
  • € 50 per hour plus entrance fee per person and € 15 material costs per group
  • There is an additional charge of € 10 for workshops in foreign language
  • Registration at least 14 days in advance

Workshops may be cancelled at no charge up to 4 working days before the agreed date. After that we make a cancellation charge of € 25.



Claudia Heller | heller@arpmuseum.org |+49 2228-9425-36

Nicole Schmidt | schmidt@arpmuseum.org|+49 2228-9425-36

Creative workshop ‒ examples

Drawing in the museum

When sketching and drawing in front of the artworks your way of looking at art is honed and a variety of drawing techniques can be tried out and learned.

Painting workshop
Inspired by the paintings in the Sammlung Rau for UNICEF or artworks in our changing exhibitions, you can learn about different paints and painting techniques and try them out in abstract or representational pictures of your own.

Sculpture workshop
Starting from the three-dimensional artworks and sculptures of Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp, you will have the opportunity to try out different sculpture techniques and to work with clay, soap or wax as well as plaster, wood or stone.

Printing workshop
Produce printing stocks and do some printing yourself: in our printing workshop you can learn about and personally try out different printing techniques from frottage to stamping and from letterpress with Styrene, linoleum or wood to drypoint etching.

Writers' workshop
The poems of Hans Arp and the Dadaists, not to mention the wonderful stories around the Rhine and the romantic RhineValley, provide an inexhaustible source for your own sound poems, imaginative stories and travel reports.

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