Printing workshop - Tetrapack-Etching with Franka Peikert

11:30 – 17:00  |  Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Workshop – Registration necessary

10 Aug 2024

This is a wonderful technique for transforming used composite packaging into printing blocks for letterpress and gravure printing. The material is inexpensive, is available to everyone, can be processed without any effort, can be rolled in with different colors and can be reproduced as letterpress or gravure printing.

We will deal with intaglio printing and etching. You learn intaglio printing along the way. The technique is well suited to rather delicate, filigree and restrained works. The printed image is not razor-sharp, but rather soft and slightly blurred. Different and beautiful. We can find inspiration for this in Kiki Smith's exhibition Kiki Smith. Woven Worlds, whose tapestries show ideal motifs for tetrapack printing.

Please bring a ballpoint pen, a fine permanent marker and a pair of tweezers. If you have a favorite cutter knife (not a coarse one), please bring this along as well. If you bring templates for tracing, these should be printed out upside down.

You will need your own crockery, food and drinks for a short break. You can make your own coffee and tea on site. The workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students.


Participants: minimum 5 people, maximum 10 people

Cost: 55 euros, plus museum entrance fee, incl. material (Linoleum plates, paint, paper)

Registration required: Franka Peikert

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