Swan Song

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23 Jul 2023

The song collection »Schwanengesang« was written in 1828 shortly before Franz Schubert's death and was subsequently given this title, traditionally the designation for an artist's last work. The songs were compiled posthumously by his publisher Tobias Haslinger. Some things speak for Schubert's idea of a cyclical unity, others, however, point to a rather loose connection. When a young passionate baritone and an experienced renowned lied pianist join forces to interpret these touching songs, an exciting result is certain. Konstantin Krimmel is attested interpretative depth and technical sovereignty, with which he need not fear comparison with the great role models of his vocal field.


Konstantin Krimmel, baritone
Malcolm Martineau, piano


Franz Schubert, Schwanengesang D 957

Songs after poems by Ludwig Rellstab:

Liebesbotschaft, Frühlingssehnsucht, Ständchen, Abschied, In der Ferne, Aufenthalt, Kriegers Ahnung

Songs after poems by Johann Gabriel Seidl:

Sehnsucht, Am Fenster, Bei Dir, Der Wanderer an den Mond, Das Zügenglöcklein, Im Freien

Songs after poems by Heinrich Heine:

Das Fischermädchen, Am Meer, Ihr Bild, Die Stadt, Der Doppelgänger, Der Atlas



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