Sound relaxation as time out with Jennifer Neuß

16:30 – 17:45  |  Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Workshop – Registration necessary!

13 Sep 2023

Space - Silence - Sound


Enjoy a sound time-out after your visit to the museum or before you leave work!


In this workshop, a fantasy journey is accompanied with therapy singing bowls and gong to create a relaxing sounding fantasy journey. The harmonious sounds of the bowls contribute to a deep relaxation and direct the attention of the participants* to their inner images, which are created by the fantasy journey.


Procedure of the workshop:

After setting up the cozy resting place with "harmony" and feeling the vibrations of the singing bowls on the body and "arriving", we dive into an approximately 40-minute fantasy journey, which is accompanied by the sounds of the singing bowls. Afterwards, there will be a cozy ending and, if desired, an exchange of the experience.


Jennifer Neuß is a trained occupational therapist, Bachelor of health, Peter Hess® sound therapy facilitator for occupational therapy and certified Peter Hess® sound massage practitioner. Further information at 


Please bring: Gymnastics or yoga mat, small cushion and blanket


Meeting point: 4:25 pm at the museum ticket office

Cost: 14 euros per person | incl. materials

Registration necessary: Jennifer Neuß or +49 176 22821324

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