Vivaldi during advent - Sold out!

11:00  |  Museum
Concert – Lina Tur Bonet | Violin & Scholarship holders of the Villa Musica

12 Dec 2021

Lina Tur Bonet Violin
Villa Musica scholarship holders

Concerto a quattro in F minor, RV 143
Double concerto Il Proteo for violin and violoncello in F major, RV 544
Concerto da camera G minor, RV 106
Violin concerto D major, RV 208 (Grosso mogul)
Bassoon concerto E minor, RV 484
Violin concerto A minor, op. 4 no. 4
Flute concerto G major, op. 10 No. 6

What could only be captured on video last year due to the pandemic, the audience can now experience live: "Vivaldi in Advent", Villa Musica's successful series. In the Grand Mogul concert, the Spanish baroque violinist Lina Tur-Bonet mutates into Vivaldi himself: incredibly virtuosic, she sweeps through the passages, bariolages and cadenzas at breakneck speed. The young virtuosos of Villa Musica do the same - in some of the most beautiful flute, bassoon and violin concertos written in the Baroque era. There is no more festive way to get in the mood for Christmas.


Villa Musica

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