Walking concert with works by J.S. Bach in the exhibitions Holy Bodies and Christiane Löhr. Symmetries of the Smooth

11:00 – 12:30  |  in the exhibition rooms

12 Nov 2023

Strings of the Villa Musica


Two young, award-winning string players of the Villa Musica perform solo works for violin and cello by J. S. Bach in the current exhibitions of the Arp Museum. The audience splits into two groups and walks from the Kunstkammer Rau in the exhibition Holy Bodies to the filigree plant architectures of Christiane Löhr and vice versa - a 90-minute walking concert on Sunday morning.


Chiara Sannicandro, Violine

Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita Nr. 2 d-Moll für Violine solo, BWV 1004


Carlo Lay, Violoncello

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cellosuiten Nr. 1 G-Dur und Nr. 3 C-Dur, BWV 1007/1009


Tickets: 22 Euro, reduced 18 Euro

Combined Ticket: 48 Euro (1x Concert + 1x Lunch at Restaurant Interieur No. 253 + Artist's Talk)

Current information Tel. + 49 2228 9425-16 (Tue–So 11am–6pm)


Villa Musica

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