2008, Jonathan Meese

  • © Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Foto: Mick Vincenz
    Jonathan Meese, Doc Flashflesh - Scarlet Arch-Dragonbaby, 2008
    © Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Photo: Mick Vincenz

About the work

The Erzdrachenbaby ("Arch-Dragon Baby") is the total metabolic HERALD of the "Dictatorship of Art". The Erzdrachenbaby flies all over the place, even to places where people will never be, and sprays its fiery breath of the "Supremacy of Art". The Erzdrachenbaby is the arch-gland of "Total Art", the messenger of "Total Love" and brings the plaything of "Art" in total humility. The Erzdrachenbaby hatched from the arch-egg, consisting of the "World Formula". The Erzdrachenbaby is the favourite cuddly toy of the food chain. The mouth of the Erzbabydrachen is as sweet, voluptuous and Moomin-like as the arch-mouth of Scarlett Johansson. This total metabolism of the scarlet baby animal envelops everything, especially lollies, with the arch-saliva of total art. The Erzdrachenbaby says open your mouth, in with the lolly, out with the revolution. The Erzdrachenbaby is like Caligula, the totally playful child. The "SÜSSESÜSSESÜSSE Totalbaby" (SWEETSWEETSWEET Total Baby) carries the humble human as a plaything into "Total Neutrality" and the "Takeover of Art" is carried out. The Erzdrachenbaby is the ultra-extreme counter-world, the squaring of the circle and it lovingly invokes the leadership "Art": the most metabolic animal baby "archdragon" says: All Power to Art. The Erzdrachenbaby is the absolute yawning arch-element of the total future: The Erzdrachenbaby yawns nostalgia away for ever and decides, purely metabolically: UN-DEMOCRATISE YOURSELF and be nice, like all cuddly toys.

(Jonathan Meese, May 29th 2009)

About the artist

Jonathan Meese (* 1970 in Tokyo) is one of the best-known German artists. His work is both disconcerting and independent and it polarises his audience. Meese's wide-ranging oeuvre includes large-format paintings, sculptures, installations, performances and much else. It is derived from his study of important people in world history, primeval myths and heroic epic poems, which the artist distils to create a fantastic whole while incorporating elements of popular culture. He uncompromisingly proclaims his utopian concept of the "Dictatorship of Art" in his study of ostracised figures and symbols as well as (contemporary) Germany history.

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