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Luxury and Glamour?

Final exhibition of the scholars of the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate 2019/20
04. Oct 2020 – 14. Mar 2021

  •  Sarah Ama Duah, Lucid dreams_white, 2015
    Sarah Ama Duah, Lucid dreams_white, 2015
    © 2015 Sarah Ama Duah

About the exhibition

The mutual enrichment of fine arts, fashion and jewellery has a centuries-old tradition. Even in the modern age, numerous alliances between fashion and art occurred, paving the way for a growing structural rapprochement and discursive debate. In the course of the 20th century, not only questions of creative and intellectual intersections were discussed, but also the content-related, often visionary and anticipatory potential in the triad of visual art – fashion – jewellery.


In the course of the democratization and popularization of fashion and jewellery, not only the boundaries between commercialism and artistic practice have become more fluid, but also those between the social systems in which they are embedded. Based on the year’s theme »Luxury and Glamour? Artistic Points of View in Fashion and Jewellery«, which was proposed for the Balmoral scholarships 2019/20, the exhibition illuminates the aesthetic, material, performative, social and cultural implications of fashion and jewellery. The focus is on the examination of how they establish identity, and on fashion and jewellery as expressions of social power and gender relations. Playing a central role here are the formal and conceptual exploration of media possibilities, the experimentation with materials and techniques, as well as the artistic investigation of relevant issues between the poles of luxury, glamour, globalization, transculturality, and sustainability.


Exhibiting artists:

Nicole Ahland, Eunmi Chun, Alexandra Deutsch, Sarah Ama Duah, Ekachai Eksaroj, Vera Gulikers, Anna Herrgott, Jaekyung Jung, Aneta Kajzer, Judith Leinen, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Anna Lucia Nissen, Lydia Nüüd, Thomas Perrin, Elif Saydam, Lukas Schmenger



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